Greentech Solar Terms & Conditions

The Terms and conditions contained on this page is a part of an agreement between B T Trading Co Pty Ltd T/A GREENTECH SOLAR ABN 11 622 334 981 referred to as “Greentech Solar” and the customer named on this Quote/contract as “you” or “your”.
1. Customer Declaration : a) are at least 18 years of age; and b) either a registered property owner or c)you have been authorized by all registered owners to enter into this agreement; d) have read and accepts to and acknowledge the provisions of this agreement; e) all information provided to Greentech Solar is true and correct; f) as a homeowner/ Authorised person, you authorise Greentech Solar to lodge an application for Grid connection on your behalf and to do any further communication with Network Distributor or any relevant parties regarding your solar application
2. COOLING OFF PERIOD : a) Greentech Solar acknowledges that under Australian Consumer Law and relevant departments that customer is entitled to a cooling-off period of 10 business days. b) Greentech Solar only accepts cancellation in writing via email or post during the cooling-off period. Emails can be sent to
3. PAYMENT : Quotes are valid for a period of seven (7) days. A deposit of 10% or ($500 minimum) of your total new investment is required. Orders are not accepted until the deposit is received. a) Payments under this agreement can be made by bank cheque, cash, debit card, credit card or direct deposit. b) You must pay any outstanding balance on this agreement to Greentech Solar no later than the day of installation. c) Greentech Solar holds and will retain legal ownership rights to the system till its paid in full. d) if you fail to pay outstanding amount in full when due, admin fees plus outstanding payment shall accrue until these payments received from you. Late payments may occur Admin charges of $399 plus penalty interest of 18% per annum. Failure to pay in full for the solar system may result in Hybrid Solar Solutions taking legal action against the owner and will void all warranties. Any expenses occurred due to the recovery of debt will be passed on to the customer. e) if payment is not received by Greentech Solar when due, Greentech Solar reserves the right to enter the Installation Address without notice and repossess the System and to seek from you all costs for the repossession, loss in value of the repossessed system, wasted costs including but not limited to handling, installation and disbursements.
4. STCs AND LGCs : Australian Government has designed this initiative to encourage a switch to clean and sustainable energy for life. Solar Power Systems attract STC’s rebates were always paid directly to you the customer, by the government, but have been discontinued. STC’s are either sold via Government Clearing House at predetermined price or can be traded on spot market which can go up and down in value every day. a) By singing STC form the Purchaser assigns all rights create STCs to Greentech Solar and authorizes Greentech Solar to create, apply and retain STCs and all financial benefits or value attributable to them in exchange of discount offer by Greentech Solar. You are liable to pay out of pocket cost to Greentech Solar. b) You have the choice of Keeping your STC entitlements and placing them in the Clearing House yourself or offering them to us in exchange for a discount and accepting whatever value they have at the time of installation. This second choice means that, sometimes, your final NET COST may have been higher or lower than on the day of our quote.
5. Net Meter : Grid (NET) Meter (if needed) to be installed by your Electricity Retailers and not included in quotation.
6. REFUNDS : This agreement ends for any of the following reasons before we install a system at your premises and we will refund all of the money you have paid under this agreement. a) within 10 days after accepting this agreement b) If we haven’t delivered and installed the system at your property within 13 weeks after the target date; c) if the price increase notice is given and you chose to end the agreement rather than accepts the price increase; and d) if the distributor refuses the grid connection application. Admin charge of $150 will apply if you cancel the agreement on the day of installation and will retain deposit.
7. PREMISE ACCESS : The Purchaser grants to Greentech Solar permission, sufficient access or possession of the premise as is necessary to complete site inspections, delivery and the installation of the goods. Any failure to provide access or impede that access, such that the installation works cannot be conducted by Greentech Solar may result in a change in the Price.
8. ACCREDITED INSTALLER : To ensure your system meets industry best practice and all relevant Australian Standards we contract a Clean Energy Council accredited independent licence electrician (“Installer”) to install your system who is responsible for installing your system. We agree to provide you with details of your Installer prior to the commencement of any work upon request.
9. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION : a) Greentech Solar will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your System is delivered and installed on the agreed date provided all circumstances support. b) You agree that the agreed date is only a target date and not a strict deadline and Greentech Solar will not be liable to you if we fail to deliver and install the System at the Installation Address by the agreed date. c) Subject to the provisions in this Agreement you may indicate your preference as to the location of the solar panels and inverter but you must do as soon as possible before the commencement of any work. d) Installation is to take place in accordance with the design and specification provided by Greentech Solar unless circumstances that could not have been reasonably anticipated by Greentech Solar require a new design or specification which may result in a change in the Price. You or your representative must be present at the Premises for any site inspection and for the delivery and installation of the System to sign any required paperwork. e) Any panels offered /installed more than the size of inverter are free panels (if installed) and does not qualify for refund or reimbursement. f) For all systems Wi-Fi monitoring, it is customer’s responsibility to provide strong Wi-Fi signal to the location of the inverter. g) Admin charge of $150 will apply if you cancel the agreement on the day of installation and will retain deposit.
10. SYSTEM PERFORMANCE AND ORIENTATION : a) Solar panels require northerly orientation free from shade for optimum performance. Shading particularly affects Solar Power PV Systems, and can significantly reduce the amount of power produced. It is the customer’s responsibility to perform any action any required to remove any shading. b) System performance may be different due to many factors such as shading, season, the direction of panels, location, etc. All savings are discussed are based on assumptions only and may vary depending on actual usage and time of use of electricity at your premises. c) For Solar system to B T Trading Co PTY LTD T/A Greentech Solar ABN: 11 622 334 981; Phone: 1300 487 652; Email: Address: Unit 8a, 167 Prospect Hwy, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. work at full capacity it needs a perfect angle and perfect direction to be installed, however, due to different size, type, pitch and direction of the roof it is always not possible, so Greentech Solar will install a system with what is best available at your premises.
11. ROOFING DISCLAIMER : We only refer installs to appropriately licensed and experienced tradespeople. As professionals, they will take every care of your roof. However, accidents can happen. Therefore we particularly draw your attention to the following: a) Decromastic Roofs: Due to the fragile nature of these roofs, we generally recommend against any kind of installation on them. If, however, you choose to proceed, it will be with due care, but at your risk. b) Asbestos Roofs: Many installers are unwilling to work with this risk. Therefore, any quote for installation on such a roof is subject to the availability of an installer and it will be at the customer’s risk. c) Tiled Roofs: In the unlikely event of breaking a tile, as every house has a different shape, type, and colour of the tile, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide replacement tile on the day of installation so that we can replace any broken or cracked tile. d) Tin Roofs: usually these roofs are easiest and best to deal with but some time due to very old and rusted roofs any damages that occurred during installation will be at owners’ risk.
12. WARRANTY : Product Warranty: All product warranties offered are in accordance with the manufacturer of the product. Greentech Solar is offering 5 years retailers warranty in addition to consumer guarantees required under Australian Consumer Law. Workmanship Warranty: On top of the product warranty from manufacturers Greentech Solar is offering 10 years of workmanship warranty for operation and performance of the whole system to all installations carried out by us or our contractors. During this period Greentech Solar will repair any such faults or defects notified to us within the warranty period, including replacing a system or a part of the system required within a reasonable timeframe at no cost to you. The warranty will not apply if : a)The fault or a defect is not notified to us during the warranty period; b)The system has been repaired, modified, reinstalled or re-positioned without our written approval; c)Any change made by anyone who is not by us or our contractors; d)The system is not being maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements; e)If the system has been damaged by extreme weather conditions
13. MAKING A COMPLAINT : If you have a complaint relating to the System, its installation or this agreement generally, you can make a complaint to us by giving us written notice of this, by post or email only.
14. PRIVACY : We will comply with all relevant privacy legislation in relation to your personal information. Copy of our privacy policy available on